Astrology Services Offered by Ask for Astrologer

1. Astrological prediction for one Full year
2. Marriage compatibility check for couples
3. Predictions Questions you have
4. Selecting Baby names

A, Request a full Years report for 30USD
The report will cover the below mentioned topics for each month of the year.
1, About Your Business and career progress
2, About your love life
3, About your Health
4, About your Children
5, About Buying New House, Vehicle or and other Valuables.
6, About Financial situation
7, Your Lucky dates, lucky colors, lucky Gem, Lucky Number
One full Years report will cost you 30USD.

B, Ask 5 Questions for 30USD
You can ask any questions like the below mentioned ones.
(Example Questions)
1, When will I get Married?
2, When will I get a good Job?
3, When will I buy a New house?
4, How many Children I will have?
5, Will mine be a arranged or love marriage?
6, Will I get Rich?
7, Will I go abroad?
8, Which Business is best suitable to me?
9, How long will I live?
10, Will I pass my Exam?
Or any other Question that you would like to know about your Future Click Here .